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The working days are defined as from Monday to Saturday.Working hours are defined by the need to prepare the truck to be available for products loading at the Oil Company Depot as soon as it is open for business.The day ends when the products are discharged at the customer locations/Company Depot and the vehicle is safely parked for the night. If this assignment is unable to be accomplished within one calendar day,then the driver is expected to follow and obey all the rules and guidelines set out in Arishaw Petroleum Driver's Manual


ARISHAW has developed a Road Transport Safety Programme for tangible safety operations on the roads. Together with this is the check and balance programme that ensures compliance to safe driving practices. Hence, the RTS Policy. This is a priority operations objective, since it is on roads where lives and assets are at a very high risk i.e. major looses occur.This policy requires the business authorization to;

  • Comply with all standards and procedures on the Road Transport.
  • Acknowledge that Safety is Good Business with incentive program.
  • Develop a proactive culture where Potential Incidents are a tool learning points while on road operations.
  • Implement a structured competence assurance programme and provide training of all those in HSE critical positions.
  • Enforce the use of mobile phones hands free kit whilst driving.
  • Forbid the carrying of unauthorized passengers and cargo.
  • Enforce the wearing of the seat belt for drivers and authorized passengers in company and private vehicles.
  • Restrict night driving completely, not unless it is where risks are demonstrably high within isolated cases.
  • Enforce and manage Driver Fatigue and Tiredness.
  • Ensure drivers’ health and ability to drive standards is consistent with the company’s HSSE requirements.
  • Manage and maintain the whole idea of vehicle road worthiness.
  • Enforce strict adherence to Journey & Trip Management procedures.
  • Win the Hearts and Minds of the drivers and all other members of staff including department managers as key to achieving our ultimate goal of “No Harm to People, No Damage to Assets, Environment and Reputation”.
  • Have an adequate and up to date level of Emergency Response Preparedness for each credible scenario in Kenya and in Uganda. Ensure updated TREM cards.
  • Extend the application of this policy to the operations of Road Transport.
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