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ARISHAW is committed to health, safety, environment and quality excellence in all our activities wherever we operate.
To achieve this, the Goals of everyone in the International business shall be to take reasonable and practicable steps to prevent and eliminate risk of incidents, in making the following commitments:

  • We shall protect, promote and maintain the Health and Safety of all our stake holder in all areas of operations.
  • We shall take proactive steps towards protection of the Environment.
  • We shall protect our assets and minimise damages.
  • We shall consistently meet our agreed customer requirements and ensure customer and employee satisfaction with our products and services.
  • We shall comply with all applicable laws and apply responsible standards where this laws do not exist.
  • We shall ensure continual improvement in the management of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality performance by the setting and reviewing of clear objective, plans and measurable targets.
  • We shall ensure the implementation and the maintenance of appropriate Management systems.
  • We shall provide the necessary resources, be guided by Arishaw values, and where appropriate engage with key stakeholders on relevant matters.
  • We shall ensure the contingency plans are in place to deal with emergencies.
  • We shall take individual and personal responsibility for adherence to safe work practises and procedures.

Arishaw requires all its employees and sub contractor to adhere strictly to our policy at all times.


In keeping with the daily operations,all organizations have the responsibility of safeguarding theihealth and safety of their employees, interests of their customers and the greater public while also protecting our environment. ARISHAW strives to provide the safest and most efficient road transportation services within the petroleum sector in East and Central Africa.

ARISHAW is committed to creating an incident free workplace for all its stakeholders and fostering meaningful partnership with its business partners.

To ensure the company’s image is portrayed positively, the company commits to provide resources to our drivers to enable them to operate to very high safety standards. The image of the company in the eyes of the public, will be what the drivers will show in their course of duty.
Majority of the current accidents on our roads are avoidable as most of them can be attributed to human error. Therefore, the company ensures that only drivers with demonstrated ability to translate the company policies and training in ensuring safety are engaged and retained in our transportation business.

ARISHAW demands values of courtesy, integrity, ingenuity, high performance and the need to protect people and the environment are demonstrated by all company drivers. We believe that behaviour is critical in ensuring continued partnership with our stakeholders.

Our objective is to communicate to our drivers as clearly as possible the key role the company expects them to play in ensuring sustainable business growth. In this regard, Our company has several policies and procedures that are to be understood by our drivers in ensuring the highest levels of performance.


Road Freight Logistics Safety Commitment

Smoking, Alcohol & Drug Policy
smoking Driver Recruitment Policy

Road Transport Safety Policy
Medical Policy
Driver SWorking Policy
Safety Accountability Policy
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