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ARISHAW TRUCKING is commited to striving to achieve the highest possible standard of HSE with the aim of eliminating accidents and incidents. To achieve this we have put in place guiding policies to help us realise our goal. Our principle objective of the policy is as outline below:
  • That to achieve our goal every member of staff from the Cleaner to Managing Director must understand and participate in managing HSE matters. Hence training is the key to HSE management.
  • Have a systematic approach to HSE management which is designed to ensure compliance with the law and targets are set for continuous improvement.
  • Sensitised employees against the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol, monitor and ensure that the same is not used or abused.
  • Educate workers on HIV/AIDS prevention and management of patients.
  • Have a system of monitoring, measuring performance of all staff to facilitate rewarding.
  • Put inplace an effective emergency preparedness and response program to promptly address any incident that may occur.
  • Set-up a HSE committee that is mandated to ensure that the policy is implemented and consequently improved.

Managing the operation of a Trucking Company is rewarding for everyone involved. The company involves people working and interacting with trailer trucks, equipment and merchandise. They operate in unison in a constantly changing environment. We commit to maintaining an environment that allows our employees to come to work perform their duties and go home in the same condition they started their workday. Our employees determine whether we achieve our safety goals. Their actions determine how safely they work together to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of their fellow colleagues. Our commitment is a big undertaking that must not fail. Kindly note that the pronoun “we” means every one of us.

To fulfil this commitment Arishaw Trucking developed and continues to review and update safety processes and policies such as the injury and illness prevention process. We develop educational materials and establish safety education goals. Truck driver jobs are engineered to incorporate time for safety education to ensure everyone receives the required information to build the skill sets they need to drive safely. Managers and supervisors are assigned specific safety responsibilities, which are incorporated in annual performance evaluations.

We purchase safe equipment and inspect them according to service schedules. Together, we conduct employee safety observations to monitor the effectiveness of our safety processes. We allocate capital to safety improvement projects. In the future we plan to recruit safety professionals for the company and to reduce outsourcing. When an incident occurs, we investigate to find out what went wrong and how to prevent occurrence.
All these along with other actions were initiated and are continued to create a safe and healthful workplace. Together we hope to maintain our record but the safety effort is never ending. Nothing we do is set in stone other than our commitment to work towards maintaining a safe and healthful workplace. If you have suggestions to improve the safety process, kindly voice them. Remember, the safety performance we currently take pride in, is the result of everyone’s efforts.

Managing Director J.Wachira

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