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August 2014

You MUST NOT reverse, cross the central reservation or drive against the traffic flow except in an emergency & when told to do so by the Police an emergency sign or by flashing red light signals.

September 2014

Always ensure your harzard warning plates & signs on the road tankers are clean and visible at all times.

tag4 October 2014

If you see or hear emergency vehicles in the distance be aware there may be an accident ahead.

tag 2 November 2014

When passing the scene of an accident do not be distracted or slow down unnecessarily as this may cause another accident.

tag 2 December 2014

If you're involved in a minor accident which causes damage or injury to any other person,vehicle or property, YOU MUST

- Stop

- Give your own & company name & address, and the registration number of the vehicle,to any one having reasonable grounds for requiring them OR report the accident asap to the nearest Police Station


Arishaw Trucking was founded in 2009.We are a young emerging bulk haulage company that aims to become one of the leading trucking and logistics company in the region. Arishaw is a Kenyan based company with registered offices at Outering Road, Embakasi, Nairobi. The Company is wholly owned by its managers and managed by its owners, with no foreign ownership or outsider investment that can adversely influence company policies and direction. Our fleet currently comprises of prime movers, mono-block tankers and skeletal semi-trailers.

Arishaw has chosen the trucking industry as the growth prospects are encouraging with the intention of filing the void by the collapse of the rail sector.

We are able to deliver cargo across the East African region at competitive rates.

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