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ARISHAW is concerned about the HIV/AIDS situation and its HIV/AIDS policy and programme are intended toensure that employees have sufficient awareness of the causes, prevention and consequences of the decease toadequately protect themselves and others. Employees with

HIV/AIDS shall also work freely in a nondiscriminatoryenvironment and they will be assisted to seek appropriate management of their condition ascurrently available. The company views HIV/AIDS as a social, economic, developmental, business and publichealth issue and its policy aims to minimize these consequences.

The objectives of HIV/Aids policy is to:

• Build capacity of employees to make informed decisions.
• Equip staff with knowledge / skills to assess their own risk behavior in respect to HIV infection.
• Discourage discrimination and stigmatization against HIV+ staff.
• Collaborate with other agencies in the fight against AIDS.



    • The company shall not discriminate against a qualified individual with HIV/AIDS with regard to job applications, recruitment, training, compensation, conditions or privileges of employment.
    • The company shall accommodate employees with HIV/AIDS as with any other illness as long as they meet acceptable standards of work attendance, and do not pose a health/ safety threat to other employees.
    • Mandatory testing for HIV shall not be conducted as a condition for employment or routinely while inemployment.
    • Testing may be carried out with individual informed consent, for the purposes of establishing a diagnosis in a medical case. Voluntary screening shall be arranged for employees wishing to know theirHIV status.
    • The company shall institute and sustain HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaigns by actively providing information and facilities to staff and their dependants on the various aspects of HIV/AIDS.
    • Supervisors and managers shall be adequately educated to ensure that the principles of the HIV/AIDSpolicy are adhered to.
    • Peer counselors shall be trained to provide education and support to employees, dependants and AIDSvictims.
    • The company upholds the principle of abstinence and being faithful to one partner as the only sure prevention method. However the company shall provide a condom vending machine in it premises.
    • Strict confidentiality shall be maintained during testing, and when medical, counseling and support services are extended to employees with HIV/AIDS.


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